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When you buy Wonder Girls: Changing Our World, you will be supporting girls’ groups around the world. One hundred percent of the authors’ royalties from the book go to the Global Fund for Women, which funds groups run by and for girls and women in 177 countries.

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Wonder Girls: Changing Our World is now available for blind and print-disabled readers through 

Buy a Poster!

The Wonder Girls’ Wonderful Words poster is a word cloud of a bright colors, 18” x 24,” printed on glossy stock, and it features inspiring quotes from the girl activists who are featured in Wonder Girls: Changing Our World.

Profits from posters will be divided equally among the 15 groups of activist girls in the book.

Unframed posters cost $15 including shipping.

To order, email us via the Contact Us page of this site; request the poster, and provide your shipping address.